Sexual harassment in the workplace has become a serious area of concern. Your liability as an employer may be extended to acts committed by supervisors and rank-and-file employees. 

Effective January 1, 2019, in addition to supervisors receiving two hours of sexual harassment prevention training, nonsupervisory employees must receive one hour of sexual harassment prevention training.

Dmae Shannon of MobileHRNow, a CQEL partner, offers in-person training in Northern California for non-supervisors at a special CQEL Members rate of $28 per person (normally $45 per person).  She also offers live interactive online training sessions.

Dmae will also be presenting on HR at CQEL's Oakland Director Institute.

Contact Dmae today to request more information:
 Dmae Shannon, BSHRM, SPHR
Chief HR Practitioner & Strategist
(916) 752-2255  | 24/7

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